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Private Teacher
- Online Studio

Tuesday 3-7pm

Juliarna Clark


Bachelor of Music, University of Melbourne, 1997

Bachelor of Speech Pathology, La Trobe University, 2006

Master of Music (Performance Teaching), University of Melbourne, 2021

Current Professional Memberships

Australian National Associations of Teachers of  Singing

Speech Pathology Australia

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Australian National Choral Association

Recent Professional Development

Teaching Music Online in Higher Education Conference (2021 & 2020)

MSO Melbourne Music Summit (2021 & 2020)

ANATS Conference (2021 & 2020)

ANATS webinar: Ace your VCE (2021)

PAVA Singer Spacing and Vocal Efficiency in Choir Singing: Acoustic, Psychoacoustic, and Pedagogic Considerations (2021)

PAVA Sound Production in Semi-Occluded Vocal Tracts, Dr Ingo Titze (2020)

Genres Taught



Musical Theatre



VCE Music Performance

VCE Music Investigation
Adult learners (beginners to advanced)

A Bit About Me, Singing Teaching & the Online Experience

I have taught a handful of students privately ever since completing a Bachelor of Music in Voice way back in 1997. Anywhere I have lived (Adelaide; Oxford, UK; Ballarat; Melbourne; Riddells Creek) I have found myself enjoying a bespoke and specialised studio with a small number of curious, earnest, brave and talented singers. These wonderful, creative souls have mostly been adults and the lessons have been a source of great joy for both myself and those students.  Especially at times when I was employed mostly as a speech pathologist.  It's a privilege to share in the journey of improvement with fellow music lovers and help people acquire the new skills they need to thrive musically. Rather than trot out more details, if you are interested, click here for my Singing Teacher Resume 

Since having children, finding the appropriate times and space to conduct professional lessons privately in the family home has presented significant challenges. A combination of my rugrats growing up a little (as they tend to do!), and having conducted most of my Master of Music Studies in 2020, i.e., the year of the online alternative, has led to my embracing of online lessons. I enjoyed a few face-to-face lessons with my Faculty of Music teacher, working on classical singing, before all private voice lessons across the state were stopped. The option was move online or stop. We were all new to it. I was suddenly teaching my school students online and also learning online as a student, courtesy of my graduate practical studies. It was a year of enormous classical singing growth for me and enormous musical growth for my own students- an huge surprise to me was discovering that the online delivery was not a hindrance to skill acquisition. In fact it offered some benefits in the actual learning space as well as convenience (e.g., speed of interaction and turntaking slowed a little offering processing time, feedback occurred AFTER events which latest research shows is far more effective at influencing future attempts than a teacher prompting for change in situ, lessons could be recorded and watched later for more accurate reflection and analysis, etc). 

So to potential students, if you really love music and are enthusiastic about improving, don't hesitate to give it a go. For adults in particular, the online forum means a freedom to incorporate learning goals into your life with more ease than before. You can continue your musical learning journey when you are on a conference in a hotel, without getting in a babysitter in whilst you drive off to your lesson,  whilst you are isolating, or whilst you are on holidays anywhere in the world (in the future of course). 

Face to face engagement is not gone of course! Several times a year I organise performance opportunities at a local venue, and from time to time I offer students the option to change their Tuesday online lesson for a weekend lesson at my home. (This will be on weekends when husband bass player is not away for gigs and grandparents are around for a bit of  happy kiddy caring.) There is no onus to accept offer if not convenient.

School-age Students

Service Delivery

Weekly lessons are at the same time, and follow the public school term dates, with no lesson scheduled for the last week of each term.


Adults engage with their objectives in a different format. Lessons are booked in blocks of 5 weeks. At the start of a 5 week block, we collaborate to identify attainable aspirations for that 5 week block and work towards achieving that goal/those goals in the ensuing weeks. At the end of the block we consciously check on progress, adjusting future goals to be more challenging or more attainable. Consecutive blocks are not discouraged but neither is taking breaks between blocks for consolidation of skills or to accommodate for periods of particularly busy work/private life.

No lessons are taught in the public school term holidays, and blocks are started at the start of school terms and halfway through school terms.


Lessons take place using the Zoom platform. Your computer's microphone is adequate, however augmenting your computer's audio quality via an external speaker is highly recommended (blue tooth or hardwired). You don't need fabulous internet speeds- as long as you have at least 1.5 MBPS upload speed, Zoom will work well. A Zoom link will be emailed to you beforehand, and you join me in my Zoom room at the lesson time.

Having a second device (phone or tablet or laptop) nearby is very handy as there will be times when you can sing to accompaniment tracks, and for that you need the second device. If you play the accompaniment on your computer as you sing, your computers microphone can't deal with the outgoing (accompaniment) and the incoming (singing) very well and I will hear a very strange end result. Singing whilst you play accompaniment on your second device however, sails into your computer's microphone and arrives on my end as it sound on yours.

Eventually, an external microphone with a USB plug  would be a good investment, but it is not needed to start with.

  • Currently lessons are only offered on Tuesday between 3pm and 7pm

  • Teaching weeks align with public school terms, with no lesson scheduled for the last  week of each term or for weeks where the lesson falls on a public holiday. 

  • School-Aged Students : Invoices for the term to be settled by week three please.

  • Adults: Invoices for the block of 5 lessons to be settled in the the first lesson please.

  • At least 24 hours notice of an absence is greatly appreciated. With 24 hours or more notice, a make up lesson will be offered at  mutually convenient time within the next week.

  • On occasion, a face-to-face lesson at my home, in lieu of online lesson will be offered on a weekend- there is no obligation to take up this offer- regular-timed online lessons will still be available.

  • No lessons will be scheduled for the school holidays.

  • Lessons missed with no notice will not be made up. (Don't be too worried about that though, as these are online lessons, a reminder text from me to jump online is often all that is needed to thwart an accidental forgetting, and besides... as if you would forget the highlight of your week!)

  • Performance opportunities may be organised for weekends towards the end of term- there is no charge from me for participating in these, however there will be a cost for any live accompanists engaged for your performance.

  • There will be extra costs incurred for purchasing copies of music not available in the public domain, purchasing pre-recorded accompaniments, etc.


30 minute lesson = $44*

45 minute lesson = $66*

*Lessons for school-aged students are $40 per        30 minute lesson and $60 per 45 minute lesson

Currently there are only a few timeslots available (Tuesday 4:30-5:00 and Tuesday 5:30-6:15). If you are interested in either of these times, or you would like to be put on the waiting list, please submit the form below

Thanks for getting in touch.

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