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     Who doesn't need a little solace in these times? This is an album of beautifully crafted music that will comfort a tired and aching heart with songs that remind us of what it is like to be in the thick of heady romance, how crap it feels just as parting occurs, and how with a little time and perspective, we can look back later and reminisce with fondness and delight.  The songs didn't get selected to fit in with the above criteria- they got selected as I happen to love the interesting melodies and lyrics. That is all. The theme exposed itself (so to speak) after the songs were recorded.

    The tracks are Flamingo, Petite Fleur, Round Midnight, Angel Eyes, Star Dust, My Funny Valentine, You Do Something to Me, Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most, One Note Samba,  Little Things Mean a Lot, and Embraceable You. Running time is just shy of an hour.

    The wonderful musicians on this recording are David Gardner (clarinet/sax), Steve Grant (piano), James Clark (double bass) and Rodney Gilbert (drums). It was recorded at James' recording studio in Riddells Creek and marked the first recording we have done in a few years, where we played in the studio together rather than recorded separately at home adding in parts as it was passed around the internet. Playing together live and responding in real time to the collective evolution of each song was a real joy and i am very grateful to those wonderful players for coming over to the studio  and sharing their talents. And extra thanks to James for his always-amazing mixing and mastering. 

     We chose to use recycled paper and have no shrink wrapping. We were warned that a repercussion of the recycled paper choice is that the folds will wear a little quicker than freshly chopped trees. I'm ok with that as it doesn't effect the main event- the music-, and if you do see a little white in the crease quicker than other cds in your collection, you can pat yourself on the back for your choices and give a smile to a passing tree.

    I hope with all my heart that you enjoy these songs immensely. xxxx

New CD - Midnight Solace

  • Free shipping within Australia. $10 for postage if you are outside of Australia.  Please contact me directly at if you are purchasing multiple copies and you live overseas- I will get an accurate postage price for you.

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