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Dad passed away on the 5th January, 2022. To friends and family around the world who could not attend, and to close friends locally who couldn't come because of  either actual covid illness (our prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery) or a contact scare, we were conscious of you and how much you meant to Dad even though you couldn't be with us.  We held you in our hearts and our thoughts  and your many messages and calls to Mum before the funeral,  to let her know how much you cared about Dad were very much appreciated.

The celebration of Dad's life was held at St Ambrose Catholic Church in Woodend, on Tuesday, 11 January. Fr Martin Fleming, parish priest and friend of Carmel & Peter's, conducted the service.  Trish Collins (Dad's sister), Grace Cleal (Simon's eldest daughter) and  Amelia Clark (my daughter) gave readings. Carmel and Evelyn (Simon's youngest) brought up the gifts. Monty (my son) held up the symbols for all to see. Words of remembrance were said by yours truly, Danielle, Simon, Bill Collins (Dad's brother-in-law), and Kenzie (Danie's eldest). I made the slide show. Songs were sung by Amelia and me, piano was Catherine Hutchison, and the flugelhorm in the recessional was Stephen Grant.

Steve also played solo at the graveside. As a fellow Saints supporter I gave him permission to weave in a reference to "Oh When the Saints" as he played Amazing Grace but he showed great restraint in holding back. I'm fairly sure Dad would have liked it if he had!


If you feel you would like to contact Mum after watching, her email is still

Video of Peter Cleal's Funeral

Funeral of Peter Cleal

Funeral of Peter Cleal

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