Oh yeah! We are back for a November gig. Woo hoo indeed. 

An afternoon gig, limited seating, (limited for comfort and good viewing!), punters will need to be fully vaccinated, and jazz will be scintillating.

Don't worry if you miss out on this one- we are like an egg bound chicken and have more in the pipeline waiting to get out! See you some time soon xxx

No upcoming events at the moment

CD recording is  well underway. And oh is it a joy to record the tracks with all the musicians live in the one space instead of handing around files through cyber-land, politely leaving room for each other.

Too much fun is being had.

They will be ready for disseminating mid December.

Do  book yourself a date with your letterbox by ordering one now and then enjoy the anticipation. What's that you say? Why yes, they would make a magnificent Christmas present for musical friends


Enjoy having a browse through music videos here and take care,

XX Jules (& James)